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Full Version: ES Xeon in TYAN S7042 server board [REQUEST]
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Hello everyone,

I have two Xeon CPUs and the board named above, but id doesn't boot, so I presume that the board does not support the ES CPUs.
The person who gave them to me used them in a Supermicro X9DB3-TPF board, so I think if someone could put the microcodes from that board's BIOS to the Tyan board's BIOS, it should work in theory.

I can update the BIOS through the IPMI, so that is not an issue.

Here are some links to save your time:
Tyan board
Supermicro board

Another SM board that seems to have an earlier BIOS revision, it might have the microcodes as well

Any help is appreciated.

BTW, the issue is that the board keeps restarting with one CPU installed (the jumpers are installed correctly) and I don't even get a beep code.
The CPUs are Q19M ES CPUs.
I could open the BIOS files with MMTool, but don't know what to do.