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Full Version: Asrock Z97M OC FORMULA Broadwell support.
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Ive been having truble with the Asrock Z97M OC FORMULA not detecting my i7 5775c broadwell cpu, Asrock did send me a link to a new bios. But still no IGPU option.

The file ive got is this:

And as you can see from the images here:

I can only choose PCI-E.

My Question is. Can anybody look at the bios and see if there is something wrong with it regarding IGPU settings. If there is northing wrong with it, i have to RMA the cpu or the motherboard.

Forum post on Asrocks site is:



And thanks for you time.
Try latest BIOS (2.40)
Quote:1.Update Microcode.
2.Improve M.2 compatibility.
3.Add i7-5775C, i5-5675C EZ-OC table.