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Full Version: Intel D975XLAG1 (Lavacot) CPU/RAM Upgrade
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I recently picked up this Gateway E-6610D Workstation with all stock parts (besides using my GTX 960 because the ATI card had died) and I need some help with a few things. I bought some HP ECC RAM off of eBay (tested in another machine and does function perfectly) and all the specs seemed to line up compared to the stuff I had in the machine already. Basically I'm jumping from 4 GB Non-ECC to 8 GB of ECC RAM except it doesn't want to function properly. I put in 1-2-3-4 sticks in many slots and tried different things but it won't boot without beeping 3 times w/ no display output. It seemed very odd since both sticks were DDR2 667 MHz (5-5-5-12 @ 1.8V [PC2-5300]) but then I read on a website that RAM sticks with 16 chips per side didn't work with this system but 8 chip per side RAM sticks of the same size did... (or 64MBx32 not working but 128MBx16 working perfectly). Dodgy

I also bought an Intel Xeon X3230 (It hasn't arrived yet) off of eBay as an upgrade from the pre-existing Intel Core 2 Duo E6320. Some things I should mention: This board is ECC capable, this board is LGA775, this board includes 4 DIMM slots in Dual Channel configuration, and the max RAM supported is 8 GB (2 GB per stick).

There is a BIOS update for this board (which I'll link below from Gateway's website) but running it through the EXE updater wouldn't work and I don't have a clue on how to use IFLASH from a USB/Floppy. Confused

If anyone could help me in the slightest I would GREATLY appreciate any advice or help! (Also if I need to provide any additional information about this system just ask)


Gateway BIOS Update:

EDIT: Specs:
CPU: [Intel Core 2 Duo E6320 @ 1.86 GHz], [Intel D975XLAG1 (BTX not ATX) Workstation Motherboard]
RAM: [Hynix (4 sticks of) 4 GB Non-ECC DDR2-667 MHz 5-5-5-12 1.8V]
STORAGE: [Samsung 840 EVO 120 GB SSD running Windows 7]
GPU: [MSI Geforce GTX 960 2GB]
>> WITH Intel D975X northbridge and Intel ICH7-DH southbridge
(More specs listed here by Gateway:

FINAL EDIT: Turns out I was able to figure out how to use iflash and update the bios myself and I finally got the Intel Xeon in the mail and it actually works out of the box! As for the RAM, I'll need to find some PC2-5300E rather than PC2-5300P.