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Full Version: Request [Bounty]: Supermicro X9DR7-LN4F BIOS mod - ES support
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I have a Supermicro X9DR7-LN4F motherboard with Ami BIOS:

The latest BIOS is at the above page -> Upgrade Your BIOS
I found an even newer BIOS at:

I got a couple of QA8Z 2.3GHz ES CPUs and I'd like to use them in this MB:

It turns out that the production Supermicro BIOS does not have ES microcodes in it. I've tried the latest BIOS from Supermicro, and also the newer one from Thomas Krenn (ver 3.2) but the MB does not POST with either of them. Just starts for 30 sec or so and then turns off, repeating this infinitely (blank screen). Can you help me add the microcode for this ES CPU to the latest BIOS?

The board works fine with a retail spec CPU.

A bounty is available for this mod. PM me.

Thanks in advance,
Microcodes in native BIOS (both)
Offset   Size   Version  CPUID
0xE00060 0x3C00 0000070D 0306E7 (Ivy Bridge ES)
0xE03C60 0x2C00 00000600 0306E6 (Ivy Bridge ES)
0xE06860 0x3400 00000428 0306E4 (Ivy Bridge)
0xE09C60 0x2C00 00000308 0306E3 (Ivy Bridge ES)
0xE0C860 0x3000 0000020D 0306E2 (Ivy Bridge ES)
0xE0F860 0x4400 00000710 0206D7 (Sandy Bridge)
0xE13C60 0x4000 00000619 0206D6 (Sandy Bridge)
0xE17C60 0x4800 00000513 0206D5 (Sandy Bridge)
No microcodes with CPUID=0206D2 for QA8Z. But look at this:
[Image: L_00006715.jpg]
Microcodes can be taken from BIOS version 1.7 for MSI X79A-GD65 (8D) - MS 7760. You can find it on offset 0x7690C0, size is 0x3C00, version - 8000020A. Just write it over useless microcodes for CPUID=0306E7. Sizes are equal.