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Full Version: Gateway nv55c core i7 820qm support
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I'd like to request BIOS support for a core i7 820qm (and higher if not too much trouble) on a gateway nv55c laptop. The current BIOS is v1.30 which only supports up to core i7 640m.

This should link to the Gateway BIOS download:

CPUID output for current CPU and motherboard are attached.

Below is link to the BIOS site for an HP Pavilion dv7 which has the same HM55 chipset and (I think) support for core i7 820qm. I was unable to post the .fd file, please let me know and I can send it some other way.

Thanks in advance for your help Smile
Hi friend,
We can update the Microcode into Bios but it needs the The CPUID Revision
so I think it si 0020655 !
There is this update cpu00020655_plat00000092_ver00000004_date20130628.bin
Use AIDA64 (Cracked version to get Full report) and upload a Full report here !
You can check by yourself the Revision and update last is 0x4h of 2013-06-28 so
if into AIDA64 You get same It mains You don't need any Update !
Let me know
i7-820QM have Clarksfield core with CPUID:0106E5. And it havn't any integrated graphics.
Microcodes in your BIOS:
Offset   Size   Version  CPUID
0x37AE00 0x1C00 00000009 020652 (Arrandale stepping C2)
0x37CA00 0x0800 00000002 020655 (Arrandale stepping K0)
0x37D200 0x1400 FFFF0012 020651 (Arrandale ES)
0x37E600 0x1800 00000003 0106E5 (Clarksfield stepping B1)
0x37FE00 0x1400 FFFF0008 020650 (Arrandale ES)
0x381200 0x0C00 FFFF0006 0106E3 (Clarksfield ES)
0x381E00 0x2800 FFFF0007 0106F1 (Clarksfield ES)
0x384600 0x3000 FFFF000D 0106E1 (Clarksfield ES)
0x387600 0x2C00 FFFF001F 0106E0 (Clarksfield ES)
from 0x38A200 to 0x38EE00 filled by 0xFF
So there are microcodes for your cpu. Before installing new CPU you must change BIOS option Display Mode to Discrete Graphics.
Good luck!
P.S. Gateway NV55C = Acer Aspire 5742 with Compal LA-6582P motherboard.