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Full Version: [REQUEST]XFX x58i motherboard Xeon x5650 support
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Hey guys. i am Mohiuddin.
I am newbie in this BIOS modding sector.

My specs:
*i7 920
*xfx x58i play hard motherboard(detailed link)
*AMD 6850 GFX Card

Want badly the support of xeon x5650 on my motherboard. i am willing to even spend some money if i could.

Attached my BIOS and Donor BIOS(Asus SABERTOOTH x58- supporting  x5650 fully). Both are AMI BIOS

Things i have already tried:
1. Replacing P6 Microcode module of My BIOS with the donor BIOS - using MMTool (BK MOD)
2. Updating microcode from the donor bios using MMTool
3. Manually adjusting different voltages to the recommended x5650 voltages
4. Manually setting the QPI jumper in the motherboard to 6.4GT (as x5650 is 6.4GT)

What happens with x5650 on my motherboard:
No matter what i try (as mentioned above), it acts almost the same.When i power up, the motherboard immediately restarts for one time. then it shows 88 on the ON_BOARD LCD , fan spins, cpu get warms but it does not POST.
But, when i manually set the jumper to QPI 6.4GT on motherboard, it keeps restarting again and again.
Now, i tried the x5650 on my friend's gigabyte x58 ud3r. it works flawlessly.

Detailed specification:
i7 920:            CPUID- 1_06A5, 4core HT supported. Clock speed- 2.66ghz,  Default cpu multi - 20x , QPI 4.8GT, Uncore multi default- 16x 

Xeon x5650:  CPUID- 1_06C2, 6core HT supported. Clock speed- 2.66ghz, Default cpu multi- 20x , QPI 6.4GT (If it helps you abit- as it is a server cpu,it supports dual qpi link), uncore dafault multi- 20x

Attached BIOS given below. guys please help. i spent alot of time and effort on this. Sad
Guys at least tell me what to modify...
Update: a member from over clock forum asked to keep the pc on with the xeon in it for 5min then turn it off and then on quickly. Tried it . But it didn't help.
Come on guys. Is nuclear-winter going around here?
Guys at least help me to get the latest bios??
Hello Smile

As a long standing customer of XFX products I would like to see if I can help you. I am however no BIOS geru Tongue and if you are not aware yourself, XFX have a habbit of not making the best of products where motherboards were concerned so much so, that they stopped producing them.

Am I right to understand that you currently own both the X5650 and the i7 920?

However after I researched for 17 minutes or so I found a few things that are unfortunate but mean that this little project unfortunately will not work, as the BIOS is not the thing that is causing the fault here; that would unfortunately be your Chipset. Yes, the X58 does not support the X5650 or indeed any 6 core processor on the Xeon line, in fact it does not seem to support a lot at all.
^ - So I am wondering how it worked on your friends computer Smile

supported CPU's -
Just a bit more info -

I'm sorry to be the one to bring this upsetting news to you. if you need anymore help, I do not really belong to this community but I would be happy to help Smile
I have thought of a few things during my day and would like to share them.

What Size power supply do you have?
I would have asked about the TDP however the 920 is a 130W so that is a question that no longer matters.
Might be a silly question this, but what type of RAM do you have? [1066MHz, 1333MHz?][1 or 2GB Per module?][PC3-8600R, PC3-10600R?][Hynix, Samsung, G-skills, Corsair, Kingston?]
May be a cache compatibility issue. 8 to 12MB. There could be so many things probably BIOS induced or quality of hardware. Has the other Gigabyte motherboard have any marks on it which might tell you if it has any "power features" as in special features that the board had.
What was the price range between both of these motherboards? [20-40][40-50][50-80][80-150][150+] - if they were with in the same price range then the idea I have immediately becomes defunct.
I sold it and in exchange. Got sabertooth x58.. And voila..... It is all ok... Sabertooth took the xeon just fine.