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Full Version: Help - HP A600Y
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MSI MS-6577 V4.1
Intel Celeron 2.6ghz 128KB upgraded to Intel P4 3.0ghz 1MB Prescott
2GB Micron PC3200

I need some help.
I understand this system is a dino but I am trying to salvage it until next year.
The system was becoming almost unusable with the original oem provided specifications.

I upgraded the processor to an Intel P4 3.0ghz Prescott 1MB.
I upgraded the memory to 2GB PC3200 from Micron.

The CPU is identified as a 3.0GHZ capable processor but only runs at 1.5GHZ.
There are no multiplier or frequency settings accessible or changeable in the last version of the bios which is 3.26.

I'm under the impression that if I could change the multiplier I could get the processor to register at a higher clock speed.
Right now the pentium isn't much better than the celeron because of the restricted clock speed.

I completed a very minimal install with nlite for Windows XP SP3.
The system runs reasonably well until you install any of the modern and more flagship browsers.
Google Chrome runs especially slow.
Too bad I couldn't run IE11 in the xp environment.

There is a sliced bios for this board posted in a thread here and I tried to modify it with modbin.
However, it looks like most of the advanced options are already enabled when I load the sliced rom.

I'm not sure any of the hidden options would allow access to the settings I would need to change.
My goal was to speed up this system to a more tolerable level.
The extra memory helps but the pentium would have provided a joint benefit if running at higher clock speeds.

Any suggestions other than throw the machine out and burn it to ashes?