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Full Version: (Request) Abit IP35 PRO XE Xeon Support
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After attempting the LGA 771-775 Microcode update I am unable to get the computer to load windows. The computer crashes after reaching the windows 7 splash screen. The computer boots with either stock bios version 10 or 11. The computer will boot into startup repair and runs startup repair with no resolution to the problem. The Processor is an Xeon x5492 steping E0 with sticker mod applied. The motherboard is an Abit IP35 Pro XE with Bios m629o11. Any help modifying this bios to allow for the compareexchange128 requirement for windows 8.1 and windows 10 is appreciated. When Overclocking the computer is unable to go +50mhz fsb ram is rated 1066 ddr2 there is also an issue with AHCI mode with the motherboard and only use IDE with my SSD's. Attached is the stock version 11 bios.
maybe try the bios i uploaded it was hidden on my hardrive. it enables some new sse4.1 vtx options on a 775 version xeon. it i think might of been an updated bios abit relased after version 11 bios, search where i reuploadd it here,

and anyway, did you ever get this fixed? and how? if you mod the xe version bios for 771, upload it here.
Abit screwed up on the IP35 Pro XE Beta BIOS because it has the same version number (11) as the last release BIOS, but the files are not identical.

You can find V10, 11 and the Beta-11 (marked E0 because it supports 45nm Core2/Pentium Dualcore/Celeron Dualcore CPUs) on my Abit FTP Server backup:

(have to put it in CODE tags because the sh!tty MyBB forum software (in general, not just on this forum) is too stupid for FTP links and converts them into useless garbage like "http://ftp.")