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Full Version: MSI K9ND Speedster 1 -- AGESA update to from
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Alright, I have an interesting one for whomever is willing to give me a hand here--
K9ND-Speedster 1, dual Socket F-1207 motherboard. I need the AGESA code (which I assume is the microcode block?) in the BIOS updated to

Link to BIOS:
Microcode to replace existing AGESA code with is included in this BIOS: from a Tyan S3992 according to forum posts on here as I've searched through, before making this thread.

This is a Phoenix BIOS. I just got this and will not be able to quickly test it out, as I do not have a BIOS chip in the motherboard. I'm going to buy one for $12 on eBay with the latest 2.20 BIOS on it which will allow me to use 65nm quadcores, but I want to be able to use the 45nm "Shanghai" quad-core Opterons instead as they have 6MB of cache compared to 2MB-- AGESA microcode enables this, apparently.

I have no idea how any of this is supposed to work as modifying AMD motherboards is completely foreign to me, and I'm too afraid of bricking the board on my own-- I'd rather have someone who is skilled in this sort of thing to have a go at this instead that has modified Phoenix BIOSes in AMD motherboards before and knows what to look for.

if you attempt this for me, once again note that I will not be able to confirm the modification's success immediately due to lack of the proper 8Mbit BIOS chip for the quadcore BIOS I so desperately need to get the system to even boot.
Thank you very much for your time, as I'm sure you are very busy otherwise.