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Full Version: [Request] Gigabyte EP43-DS3L support Xeon E5450 SLBBM (E0) [solved!]
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I am looking for a Modded bios for my EP43-DS3L. It should Support my new Xeon E5450 SLBBM (E0)

The motherboard show no errors but i cant Install Win 7. If i use a HDD whit Win7 allready on it it runs for some Seconds and Bluescreen and reboots

Bios :

I thinke i found a Issue 


What i Found so far is

And a Homepage of a User from here (but the file i need cant be Downloaded)
but i cant read it

Go to BIOS->Integrated Peripherals->SATA AHCI Mode and set it AHCI.
If don't help tnen set SATA Port0-3 Native Mode to Enabled.
Tryed it but no Change at all same issue !

i saw now that i have a PatchID of 0000 that seem not right !
Try this version of BIOS. Download and unzip it.
\ORIG\EP43DS3L.F9e - original BIOS
\771\EP43DS3L.F9e - BIOS with microcode patch
\771SLIC\EP43DS3L_SLIC.F9E - BIOS with microcode and SLIC patches
\771SLIC\ASUS.XRM-MS - ASUS certificate
Translated source
Update is Done and now i got a PatchID Smile

try to install Windows 7 now

CPUID: 0001067A  - Patch ID: 0A0B 

Does it fit to my CPU - ( Xeon E5450 SLMMB (E0) )
It's OK. Xeon E5450 (SLBBM) has CPUID=1067A. So it's latest version of microcode.
(09-24-2015, 12:06 PM)DeathBringer Wrote: [ -> ]It's OK. Xeon E5450 (SLBBM) has CPUID=1067A. So it's latest version of microcode.

i hade allways the CPUID since beginning but i was missing the Patch ID (check the Picture @ First post)

Windows still cant be installed BUT my HHD whit windows 7 Works now whitout bluescreen and CPU-Z show all is working sse4.1 and VT-x

CPU temp look good @ load (Prime95)
Good news! Say thanks to IdeaFix.
Hehe Frist check this !

Thx too you it let me use windows now


Xeon E5450 @ 3,6 ghz stock voltage