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Full Version: MSI/NEC MS 7594: Q6600 Support
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This motherboard is an Intel G43 which should support a Core 2 Quad cpu but I tried it with a C2Q Q6600 and it didn't boot instead a continuous beep and I have troubleshoot everything and it comes to the BIOS. 
So people were suggesting that NEC whitelisted the cpu, I'm currently using Core 2 Duo E4500 with this motherboard which works fine
So can you guys unlock or unwhitelist this BIOS for me please. Sad
Hi friend,

Here is the last AMIBCP version 4.55 :

Here is a Tutorial to modify AMI Aptio Bios :!

Follow CodeRush Suggestions :

It's certanly not so easy for BIOSes with another menu setup, but the whole idea is the same.
I could also recommend trying AMIBCP to modify menu entries vilibility from "Default" to "USER",
if your menu setup is more complex then a setup above.

I have to flash my image on the administrator commandline using afuwinx64 bios_mod.rom /GAN . . .
Otherwise it gives me a security error (Thanks again CodeRush)

Let me know
its okay... the motherboard is bad anyway... I bought another motherboard... I think the main problem was not just the microcode but also the mobo didnt support a larger amount of tdp than 65watt