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Full Version: Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 to 780T-D3L NCPUCODE.BIN transplant
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So, as the title is suggesting, is it possible to do it? I need it in order to be able to install a FX-8350 onto my board, which seems very plausible as I'm already using a CPU with the same or higher TDP than the Vishera CPUs and the board doesn't seem much different than mine anyway.

Links to boards:

BIOS links:

CPU that is currently in use:
[Image: dd2a22d14d.png]

The only problem is, well, I haven't yet bought an FX CPU to test out, so I know that there's no guarantee that this will work, but still, it's nice to have some degree of safety.

EDIT: Upon closer inspection, the 12V connector is different, but I don't think that should affect it.
Just buy and try with BIOS F3. But need to set multiplier manually.
Look at this->[Image: bmggkb-4.png] (clickable)
Hm, OK. Too bad, I don't have a chance of even getting one until winter. Sad

Thanks for the info though, really appreciated!

EDIT: Holy poopdrums I just read your sig. Big Grin