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Full Version: Supported Laptop CPUs?
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Ive wanted to try a cpu upgrade on a laptop a few times now and always wondered if it was possible as you see so many of the same model with a handful of different but similar spec cpus.

Is it possible to pull up a list of compatible cpus from the bios?

Latest bios of the laptop (acer aspire 5750z) im currently looking at upgrading attached.

Many thanks for looking.
I've analyzed your BIOS for microcodes:
Offset   Size Version Date       CPUID
0x351000 2400 025     10/11/2011 0206A7 (Sandy Bridge)
0x353400 2400 028     09/15/2010 0206A6 (Sandy Bridge ES)
0x355800 1C00 007     07/22/2010 0206A5 (Sandy Bridge ES)
0x357400 2400 008     05/26/2010 0206A3 (Sandy Bridge ES)
Almost all CPU's for Socket G2 with Sandy Bridge core are supported.
Thanks very much Deathbringer Smile