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Full Version: Lenovo G500s i7
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Hi I have a Lenovo G500s 20245 with bios 2.03:

It has an I5-3230m, and I know that it can support up to an I7-3632qm, but I'd really like to install the i7-3840qm. Can someone please unlock the bios to allow me to do this? Smile
i5-3230M, i7-3632QM and i7-3840QM have the same CPUID=0306A9. Your BIOS has microcodes for CPUID=0306A9 version 15, date 08/07/2012.
No reason prevent booting i7-3840QM but it has TDP=45W and cooling system is designed for TDP=35W only. Your laptop with it will be overheated!
So best choice for you is i7-3612QM or i7-3632QM.