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Full Version: Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3R W/Xeon 5472
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Hello Comunity

I bought a x5472 and applied the mod to it so i could keep my pc for a bit longer.

I updated my bios using the file attached.

I cannot start video signal when using the CPU with mod, but everything works fine with my old E8600 cpu.

I have tried everything i know to get it working. I re-modded the CPU, cleared cmos removing the battery and checked for bent pins.

Help please. I have lost hope.

E8600 cpu (overclocked 3,66 Ghz), nvidia gt730, 6 gb ram.
Try IdeaFix BIOS version.
\ORIG\EP45DS3R.11e - original BIOS
\771\EP45DS3R.11e - BIOS with microcode patch
\771SLIC\EP45DS3R_SLIC.11E - BIOS with microcode and SLIC patches
\771SLIC\ASUS.XRM-MS - ASUS certificate
Translated source
You are doing a nice work mate !!!
Tried the bios without success. Think the CPU is damaged.

Got over trying to make a xeon work. Bought a very cheap online q9400.

Thank you all

Beste regards