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Full Version: HP MCP61PM-HM (Nettle3) 5.17 With Unlocked Overclocking Options
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I honestly can't tell what will happen, If its the flashing program thats giving you a hard time you can look for alternate dos flashing programs, but it should work just fine if you do everything right. Have you tried doing the procedure on a different usb or cd or media in general?

I think I just lost my computer.
I flashed the SLIC2.1 and now the computer is only beeping (two beeps: first one short, second quite longer).

Any chance this is not a "you killed me" beep?
Any chance to take the BIOS chip out of the MoBo and flashed again?

Thanks for any replies! (being it positive or not)
Yeah, as I did not write the SLIC bios, only the modded one, I'm beginning to wonder if it is a invalid checksum messing it all up. Normally one long two short is a video card failure, but Ive never heard of that beep code. It is possible to hotflash the chip with another computer given same chip type, or order a bios chip for 20 some bucks at

1 Long 2 Short Video Card Error - Either re-seat or replace video card
Repeating beeps Memory Error - Memory is either damaged or badly seated
Repeating Hi/Low Beeps Damaged or Overheating CPU
Hi Frequency Beeps Overheating CPU

These are the onlty beep codes an award bios can posibbly have, so something also must be a bit different.

I tried your tutorial that unlocks the bios' features

Everything worked fine, the award flashing program was flashing perfectly until it asked press F1 to reset

After that I expect a completely unlocked bios but the computer will not boot, instead giving me a short beep and a very long beep, followed by a reset then the problem repeats...

it won't boot up
any chance I can fix this without going through too many researches?

OK, I really am baffled. People who want to learn this don not test their own mod WHEN THERES A MOD ON THE SITE WITH 100 PERCENT SUCCESS RATE.

Apparently, the SLIC .1 kills this BIOS, but the original on the first page IS PERFECT, as the nettle2 was. I sugest following Award Recovery procedures on the tutorial, or buy a 20 dollar bios chip at biosman with the modded bios on page one, pop it in, and you are good to go.

please link me,

and also, where is the bios chip located at and how to replace it

this board isn't a soddered chip, but look at this website. That link is for ordering the chip with the bios image you want, and should have replacement instructions. Its better than getting a new board.

Okay i just did all that. it seemed to work perfect. when it was finshed it rebooted. And the video card (ATI 4870) lights with red leds and the fan on it doesnt even move, and black screen. and when i turn off the computer the HDDs and PSU still is running, so i need to pull out the power cable. Any clues? im useing that motherboard, with the CPU and RAM that it came with, but new HDDS, DVDs, GPU, and windows 7. Can that be the problem? hope i someone will answer this. Thanks.

Have this just killed my system Sad( ??
It sounds like you bricked it with a bad flash. We will be opening our chip reprogramming service soon, so if you want your chip reprogrammed, then you should click the link in the header. By chance, can you explain your EXACT steps and which file you used.

deleted this as i didnt read above.
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