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Full Version: [SOLVED] MSI X2-108 (MS-9238 v3.xx)
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having problems with LGA771 server platform. I have following sets of CPUs:

2x Xeon X5460
2x Xeon X5420
2x Xeon X5355

all of that CPUs supports execute disable bit and thermal monitoring, and for CPU X5355 that options shows up in Advanced Processor Options, but not for X5460 and E5420. I can't enable it, so i can't use fully some software. I made an attempt to update microcode, even after that, that options not available for 54xx CPUs.


Thanks to DeathBringer, i was able to make a fixes to startup code at BIOSCOD6.ROM:

NX bit:

0D9D9: cpuid
0D9DB: and ax,0FFF0
0D9DE: cmp ax,006F0 ; 65nm Xeon CPUs
0D9E1: je 00000DA19
0D9E3: cmp ax,00670 ; 45nm Xeon CPUs
0D9E6: nop


DC89: cpuid
DC8B: and ax,0FFF0
DC8E: cmp ax,006F0 ; 65nm Xeon CPUs
DC91: je 00000DCDF
DC93: cmp ax,00670 ; 45nm Xeon CPUs
DC96: je 00000DCDF

In attached ZIP 238MS720.WPH is original bios from MSI, 238MS720_5.WPH - with updated microcode and fixes.

NX bit is set by default for both types of CPU, same as TM2, but BIOS menu to enable/disable NX bit is available only for old CPUs, i guess because check for BIOS UI is somewhere else.
Hi mate,
ask to DeathBringer , write to him a PM !
What kind of motherboard you have? with or without BMC FW?
How you made 238MS721.WPH? Cause 238MS720.WPH & 238MS721.WPH very different.
Motherboard with IPMI FW. I made *721 using PhoenixBiosEditor. Serverboard working well with it, shows new version of microcode on information screen, but it doesnt resolve my problem.
(11-02-2015, 07:15 AM)SimpsonsFan Wrote: [ -> ]shows new version of microcode on information screen
Can make a foto with it?
And tell s-spec of all your CPUs.
Here info screen:
2xCPU installed right now L5430 SLBBQ
X5355 SLAC4 (options available)
What kind of OS you have? If it's Windows then run command line and enter a command:
wmic OS Get DataExecutionPrevention_Available
Tell results
OK. Show foto of Advanced Processor Options.
I can change CPU to X5355 and options will appear.
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