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Full Version: ASUS G53SW Upgrade CPU Support Request i7 2820/2860 qm
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Hello friends,

I would like to request to help me with my laptop ASUS G53SW-XN1.
It uses the Mobile Intel HM65 Express Chipset and according to Intel the CPU Support List is the following

My laptop is equipped with i7 2630QM .

Could someone please update the microcode to add support for i7 2820qm and i7 2860qm since ASUS didnt include those models?

Here is my bios , the one and only that ASUS ever released for this laptop :

Thank you in advance folks!
i7-2630QM, i7-2820QM, i7-2860QM have the same CPUID = 206A7. So they use common microcode.
Your BIOS has microcode version 1B (07/14/2011) for CPUID = 206A7.
Thanks a lot for your quick reply on my request.

So since they use common microcode and have same CPUID i can freely upgrade without any issue of compatability , right?
I think so Smile