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Full Version: Zotac ci521 60Hz@4k Tuning ?
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Aim: Zotac CI521 over DP 1.2 3840x2160@60HZ
Reality: Zotac CI521 over DP 1.1 3840x2160@30HZ
Zotac: max 2560x1600@60HZ ├╝ber DP 1.2 possible
Intel Specs: HD5300 3840x2160@60HZ capable with add cooling
www: Zotac has change in SBIOS the cdclk Value not to 540,
because SDP will go over 2,8 Watt an need cooling.

I mod Graphics Freq from 400 to 540 in Bios with Amibcp64.
ReinstallDriver (win7 64) and TDP UP in Configurable TDP with no succes.

Allways no Video signial if i connet via DP 1.2 over DP 1.1 all ok but not 60HZ.

See also result.rar -Any idea ?