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Full Version: Acer-ECS 946GZT
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Someone recently gifted me an Acer Acerpower FH computer. The motherboard inside is an ECS 946GZT-AM V1  which is supposed to be compatible with core2duo chips. Unfortunately it looks like the Acer version is only compatible up to Pentium D chips.

The latest Acer update is compatible with AspireT690/ AcerPower FH/ AcerPower SK50 models. I flashed the bios but still cannot get any of my core2duo chips running. The SK50 Acer manual does say that the motherboard supports core2duo. So far i have not been able to find an OEM ECS 946GZT-AM V1 bios. I was hoping someone can have a look at the last acer bios in order to add support for some core2duo chips? I was hoping i could use either a E5300 sl6tl or E7400 slb9y

Here is the last acer bios update it is dated 2008.
Your motherboard is based on 946GZ chipset. This chipset doesn't support CPUs with 45-nm core. It supports 65-nm core and FSB up to 1066 Mhz.
The best choice for you is QX6800.
ah, you are 100% correct! I missed that part. Thank you again DeathBringer for keeping an eye out. Smile