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Full Version: Asus P5KPL 1600 Xeon 5060 SL96A
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Hi friends, I am pleased to meet at beginning the New Year.
I write to ask your help in use, Xeon 5060 SL96A in motherboard Asus P5KPL 1600 (bios 0512.ROM: ).
Before to open this thread, i looked on this forum, but i dont find a moded bios with microcode for xeon 5060.
If is necessary replace one of microcode in your BIOS with new ones for Xeon 5060, you can overwrite cpuids :f34, f41, f43, f44, f47.
Thank you in advance.
Did you try to boot Xeon 5060 with original BIOS?
(01-06-2016, 11:26 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: [ -> ]Did you try to boot Xeon 5060 with original BIOS?

I only checked, original bios with intelmicrocodelist.exe, and I supposed that it have to be a specific microcode to 771.
later edit:
I looked again, and I do not see in BIOS the same CPUID F64 as that which is supposed to be, (or maybe i made a mistake).
So tomorow i will try , and came with result.
Sorry, I'm not interested in pure theoretical tasks.
Now i tryed and no image.
Only fans owork
Sound was one long and three short
Did you reset CMOS before installing new CPU?
What's old CPU? What kind of memory is installed?
Yes, was cmos reset, old cpu is e5700, 2x2gb/ddr2/800.
Now, not work with old cpu
can you find memory DDR2‑1066?
We will try to find ddr2 1066.
But what is happened, why not start now with old cpu?
No bip when start, (with memory or not)
Is posible, was maded something wrong, while prepared the socket....
Try to reset CMOS again and install old CPU. I hope you don't damage motherboard.
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