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Full Version: MCP61SM-AM CPU support
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I've got an old PC using this board (MCP61SM-AM) and need to figure out what CPUs it supports.

The board originally belonged to an Acer Aspire T180. It was flashed to an Abit BIOS several years ago and now identifies as Abit NF-M2S. It is currently running an Athlon 64 X2 5200+.

I know this board only works up to 89W TDP - I'm wondering if a Phenom II X4 910e will work with the 5.27 modified Abit BIOS.
Can you link the bios you are using? The newest I found from Abit is from 2008.
(01-12-2016, 02:55 PM)pantsaregood Wrote: [ -> ] is what I'm using.

That board won't support the Phenom II, regardless of clock speed.  It's one of the oldest AM2 chipsets, and there isn't going to be a bios hack that can fix it.  I think the best you can put on it is the x2 6000.