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Full Version: Asus P5K (Crossflashed with P5KR Bios) needs CPU support
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Hello everyone,

i am working currently on a small custom hackintosh for fun. Sadly i got a corrupted bios from someone which killed my mainboard from my cute Dell Vostro 200... now it only starts up the fan and turns of after 5 seconds and turn on again the fans. (if someone knows a solution for this, i am open for last resort suggestions Big Grin )

But thats not the point, a nice forum member supported me with giving a Asus P5K for nearly free to me. which i can use now.
but there are two things i (probably) need to change.

1. i want to use a 775 on 771 Xeon Mod for this PC and do not find a tool to check the rom if the CPUID of my E5472 Xeon CPU is in there.
2. if the CPUID is not in there, i would like to add it to the bios that the pc can run with this Xeon. i checked a project page about this kind of mod and the P5K is able to hold this kind of CPU, so its just a matter of preparation of the bios i guess.

would be cool if someone can help me on this Smile

Kind regards
Use BIOS mods for P5K or P5KR. They are made by genius239.