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Full Version: HP t5740 AHCI request
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Got this nice thin atom-based client and would like to ask you for an AHCI mod, since here in BIOS all HDDs are presented as IDE devices while there is Intel ICH9M/M-E SATA storage controller.
BIOS is AMI, chip is MXIC 25L8005 = 1Mbyte. If resulting BIOS would be bigger, I could solder bigger flash, if this needed/possible.


Here goes rom:

Sata hdd represented as IDE:

[Image: bios_screens.jpg]
Using amibcp found thats there are no hidden AHCI menus at all. So nothing to activate in easy way
[Image: p1.gif]
[Image: p2.gif]

Got mmtool and gone with pid/vid 8086:282A
[Image: p2_5.gif]

Extracted this module in uncompressed state (attached)
Found some familiar words:
[Image: p3.gif]

So guys, is there any possibility to change something in this module in order to force AHCI mode?
Please help me, or just give me a clue in which direction should I tinker?
Tried to replace Option ROM to AHCI one, and even tried to delete it. PC boots normally and only in IDE mode Sad
Partially solved
Actually BIOS didn't cared about option roms at all. Replacing or even deleting - no effect at all
Got GRUB and used setpci -s 00:1F.2 90.b=40
Working well for any linux usage, got AHCI mode and speeds
But, since INT13h is not provided by BIOS for AHCI mode it is not possible to run WinXP bootloader at all - just blue screen in any way - forcing AHCI driver installation, or even when providing AHCI drivers as F6 floppy during installation.
I wish I could do something with bios image in order to get full AHCI functionality, but as far as I feel this is not easy