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Full Version: CPU upgrade for Acer V5-131
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I would like to inform you that i upgraded the processor to intel pentium 2127U from celeron 1007U from my Acer V5-131.
The process was difficult because it requires BGA station and skills to replace such processor and at the end successful.
I have a single problem: My laptop switches off automatically exactly after 30min. It is like you remove completely the supply. I understood from internet if my chipset doesn't support the processor will shut down automatically after 30 min. My chipset is HM70 and U2127U is included in the processor list supported by this chipset. Do you think that i have NM70chipset? When i flashed last bios with FPT i've seen there NM70 Express Chipset... It is the same with HM70 ? Because if NM70 is not supporting 2127U this is the reason why my laptop turns off. I understood from other people in this forum that the bios can be unlocked to remove this issue. Can somebody please help me? FPT shows NM70 express chipset, bios chips are W25Q32BV and MX25L8005. 
Thank you!
I just read about NM70 and can tell you some information.
First, NM70 is undocumented and hidden chipset, it is output from fusion NM10 and HM70 specipications, but mostly cutted.
For example, Raid technology and USB 3.0 are adsent.
Second and your answer, NM70 supports only simple Celerons Processors, lmited to TDP 35 W.
So, NM70 didnt work with Pentiums.
I'm afraid you need enable BGA station again and plug Celeron.
I would like to know how can i check what chipset do i have inside? I want to be sure before i remove the processor to install the old one. But it should work with this 2127u even there is NM70 with a modified bios... Who can help me?
Thank you!
It's been around two weeks since i posted last time and nobody can help me. Now i would like to play with this netbook so i decided to keep my 2127U on board and replace the chipset as well. Now i'm sure 100% that i have NM70 inside and i want to replace with HM70 chipset or HM75 or HM76 or HM77 but i'm not sure if my bios 2.21 will support one of this chipsets. If i replace my chipset with HM75 or HM76 or HM77 i could use i3 or i5 or i7 processors with maximum power of 17W but i'm not sure if my BIOS will support these processors and also these chipsets.
For a moment i decided to order and install HM70 chipset which i'm sure that is supported by this bios version because Acer already produces V5-131 with 2127U and HM70 chipset.
I was totally wrong when i decided to install 2127U instead of 1007U because i was sure that i have HM70 inside and after i have installed 2127U my netbook switched off automatically after 30min. After that i've realized that i have NM70 which is not supporting pentium processors...
I really don't want to remove 2127U because it is really good for this netbook and actually i like to replace NM70 chipset with HM70 which should cancel the 30 min timer.

If you have any ideea that my V5-131 with Insyde bios version 2.21 with gonna support HM75 or HM76 or HM77 and i3 i5 or i7 (17W processors), please inform me and i will change my mind to order maybe one HM77 and one i7 processor and that's it...
* Pin configuration is the same for this chipet series NM70, HM70, HM75, HM76, HM77 so hardware should be no problem.
Maybe there is a software problem with my bios version but this is what i want to know from your side.

Thank you for your help and i wish you a nice Sunday and a Happy Easter!
Hello again!

Before i start the process to replace the chipset i would like to know if we can stop that 30 minutes timer using a modded bios?
I am sure 100% that i have NM70 express chipset and it does not support officially 2127U ...

Thank you!