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Full Version: [Request] Lenovo ThinkPad S230U Twist: unlock Advanced menu
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Hello Friends,

  Lenovo ThinkPad S230U Twist (Edge series)
  Model Number 3347-6UU
  Bios: Phoenix SecureCore Tiano
  Bios Version: 1.71.
  BIOS link:
  SPI flash device with soic clip.

  I've successfully updated whitelist for unlisted wwan card (sierra gobi 3000). But after that sleep mode doesnt work correct: laptop resumes from sleep by itself 1 second after it sleeped, or doesnt resume from sleep at all (even by pressing power button).
   So I want to unlock hidden tab "Advanced" and to check settings there.

  I've found related modules in bios (forms and form loader - see attached archive).

But i cant make further modifications because I dont have enough knowledge in disassembling Sad.
  I've found all available forms of BIOS (Main, Config, Date/Time, Security, Startup, Restart) and hidden form Advanced, but the Form which seems to be the main form loader is "empty" - I didnt find links to other forms on it.

   Please give me instructions what to do next or links to manual to help me finish bios mod.

   If its complex to add form "Advanced", I think its enough just to replace tab "Date/Time" with tab "Advanced". Its quite possible to set date and time in Windows.