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Full Version: [Request] Dell Latitude D530 Intel T9500 Support
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Hi thanks in advance for any help.

I would like to see if I can get a modded bios to allow
my Latitude D530 to surrpot a T9500 SLAYX 2.6Ghz 800mhz FSB Cpu

My board chipset is Intel GM965, the same chipset is in the Latitude D630
which runs the T9500 processor fine on oem bios, in my D530 with the latest A12 bios it will not
boot and just gives a flashing HD light and no screen output.

D530 bios link

D630 donor bios link

Edit: I should of also said I know the T9500 cpu I have is working as tested it in a friends D630, also tried to
reset cmos and boot with just one stick of ram, but still doesn't boot, expect my D530 bios just doesn't have the
microcode for the T9500 as dell never sold that combination.
Make and post screenshots of first (CPU) and third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z with supported CPU.
As requested..
OK. BIOS A12 & A11 are Signed Firmwares and they can't be modded.
Can you downgrade to A10 version?
Yes have just been able to downgrade to A10.
Try to flash my mod of A10.
Many thanks will give it a try, shall I try the T9500 after that or confirm able to flash it first?
First please post a confirmation about flashing.
Yes Flashed ok, talking from the laptop now.
OK. Try to boot up with T9500. If it failed than try to boot without the laptop's battery, with the power adapter only.
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