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Full Version: [HELP ] Dell E7440 i5 - BIOS Throttle CPU to 800Mhz | BIOS fix please
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Hi, ive bought a preowned Dell E7440 i5-4310U laptop. After a few days of using it i've been wondering why the laptop is slower than my previous i3 laptop. Then i did some investigation and found out that the CPU clock is throttle to 800Mhz at all time. No wonder it is slow. Undecided

After few googling I found out that there are many people having the same fate as me and Dell have not been able to fix this even after 18 Bios revisions.

Ive tried multiple suggested 'fix' but non worked. This include installing every single bios revision from A1 to A18.
Ive also tried disabling c-step in bios but does not work.

At the moment im using Throttlestop to disable BD PROCHOT as a temporary fix.
I was wondering if theres any BIOS mod available for my laptop to fix this throttle issue. Bios can be easily upgrade and downgrade for this model. 

Link to Dell drivers + bios

A18 latest Bios (my current bios setup)
I wish this would get a bit of attention.
I have seen so many E7440 machines with this failure.
In theory it should be possible to open up BIOS to be able to enable and disable "BD Prochot" Bi-Directional Processor hot signal throttling. It would make quite a few of these systems usable again.
Show a screenshot of HWMonitor with full CPU load.
Then make and attach TXT report of CPU-Z.