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Full Version: [Request] Need to Mode CPU Microcode For PI945GCM
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man that seems too complicated for a noob like me!! I would like prefer some easy ways.
Easy way - new CPU with FSB = 1066 Mhz.
Can I flash the stock BIOS again and revert back to older version ?? Degrading possible here??
Yes, of course you can Smile
Things are really messed up after flashing this ROM. HDD not detected... even if does.. not booting at all. Reverting to stock BIOS gives ROM ID error. Think MoBo is Screwed... I am Ruined Sad
Try this in native DOS:
afudos /i945gcm.rom /pbnc
Alright..sumhow able to boot to windows Smile bt now when I try to flash different or stock bios rom I get warning msg in afuwin.. CMOS Layout difference.. blah blah.. with option... press accept, press force or quit. if I accept it says error rom ID. Haven't tried force button yet. even dos prompt giving error. what do I do now? help plz
I think you don't need flash other version.
But you can try in Windows (command line):
well.. a sad ending... finally I killed it Sad flashed a different version... and now it refuses to boot at all. Any Hopes Bringer brother? :p
No way but using hardware programmer.
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