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Full Version: Acer Aspire 7730g CPU upgrade
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after hours searching in the [censored] web, I think its the best decision to write here to the pro`s Wink I have a Acer aspire with a Intel core 2 duo P7350 and will upgrade them with a Intel core 2 extreme QX9300. I think Acer blocked the upgrade... Please help me!!


Here a Image from CPUZ

 [Image: 19e1f7-1467674788.jpg]
Quad core CPU's aren't supported by this laptop. It's hardware limitation and can't be solved by BIOS editing.
Thanks...but on the Intel side this chipset is ready for this CPU and other laptops from acer with the same Mainboard works with it e.g. the Acer 8930g. Is it really difficult to change my installed bios with "phoenix editor" to handle quad cores or how I can install the bios from the Acer 8930g?!
7730g uses MB.ARC06.001 motherboard.
8930g uses MB.ASZ0B.001 motherboard.
Try are different.
In some cases Quad core CPU's can boot after hardware modification of the motherboards.
In rare(!) cases Quad core CPU's can boot without any problem.
Microcode for QX9300 and supported the T9600 are the same. So BIOS isn't required.
But QX9300 has TDP=45W and will overheat.
Okay really thanks for your answer. At the beginning I thought that I can edit the bios and the quad core cpu's working. Can I plug in The T9900?! What I doing with the QX9300?! Sad . The video you post, I've seen many times when I search for quad core CPU on Acer Aspire 7730...

Really thanks DeathBringer ....
T9900 should work.
Okay this ist the CPU that I use now.

Few minutes ago, I started a last test and flash the old bios on my laptop, in the video is the same. I press the on/off button frequently. It works... but in the device manager it's a dual core... I tale some Screenshots and post them. - share DEINE Bilder
I try but no work....and on every new start I must push the button frequently. [censored] Ship... I buy the T9900 or what do you think what can I do?!
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