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Full Version: Acer Aspire v3-731 CPU Upgrade from Intel Pentium B940 to Intel i5 2450M
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Ok, but i cant run USBImage.exe when i click on it nothing happen
I don't know what's you reading. Sad
Nothing about "USBImage.exe" in this topic:
Hi, when i downloaded file i have readme and it ask to launch USBImage.exe to install the Modifyed BIOS in a USB stick

here is the screenshot of Readme:

Thank you.
OK. Now I understand.
Ask sovem for help.
Hello, how could i run this program then?

Thank you.
Hello, sorry about that but the program is now running well, now i followed instructions but when i boot on USB Stick it spam some text i couldn't read they are too fast. I dont know what to do now. ;(

Thank you.

EDIT: I really need the keyboard of the laptop because in read me it ask to press fn + f1 till i press button power.
Hi. Could you please share motherboard tab of CPUZ?
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