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Full Version: Precision 490: CPU SUPPORT REQUEST
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Hi, I wanted to know if any one was willing to help me with this issue, I have a Precision 490 GU083 with dual sockets, but is only able to handle up to the 5300 family of xeons, I wanted to know if there was anyway that you could add support for the 5400 family, because I want to buy a pair of e5472's.
Thanks in AdvancedPrecision 490
Post screenshots of first (CPU) & third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z with native CPU.
Mainboard Model   0GU083   A00
Northbridge       Intel 5000X rev. 12
Southbridge       Intel 6321ESB rev. 09
I've analysed latest BIOS (A08) for DELL Precision 490 and found block of microcode on offset=0x52693 of hdr-file.
CPUID Offset Core      (Stepping)
06F1  5320   Woodcrest (A1)
06F4  62F0   Woodcrest (B0)
06F7  72C0   Clovertown(B3)
06FB  8290   Clovertown(G0)
0F61  0070   Dempsey   (B0)
0F62  0840   Dempsey   (B1)
0F63  1010   Dempsey   (B2)
0F64  17E0   Dempsey   (C0)
06F5  23B0   Woodcrest (B1)
06F6  3380   Woodcrest (B2)
Only two bytes are used for CPUID. And all microcodes haven't headers.
Note: Dempsey - Xeon 5000-series, Woodcrest - Xeon 5100-series, Clovertown - Xeon 5300-series.
I think that this case is the same as described in the forum: DELL Precision 690 microcode update.
So you can't use Xeon 5400-series.
Is there any way to MOD it? So it can accept 5400 series cpus?
No way.
(10-02-2016, 12:49 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: [ -> ]No way.

I thought I might toss it out there that the Precision 490 and PowerEdge SC1430 have the same base motherboard.
The SC1430 has an empty spot populated for a video chip and the 16x slot is removed as well as removing half the memory slots.
(I had a Dell rep once imply that internally the "SC" designation stood for sh!tty configuration)

Both the SC1430 and 490 have the same CPU support however, since they are basically the same board.

The Precision T5400 has a 95% identical looking board to the 490 but supports 5400 series Xeons.

They bumped up the revision of the 5000 series chipset and swapped the PS/2 and Audio ports so it doesn't match the 490 backplate.
They also changed the front I/O panel connector so that it doesn't fit.  Anyone who by chance wants to do a 490 to t5400 board swap, the RAM will move right over.  You will need to get a new IO panel board and deal with the back ports not matching up perfectly.

T5400 board

490 board

SC1430 board

I'm just adding this for future reference in case someone has some kind of "ah-hah!" moment or they decide to migrate to a T5400 board to get the E54xx/X54xx CPU support.