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Full Version: [SOLVED] Bios mod request for ms-7525 to support xeon e5440
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I have a HP board from MSI manufacturer MS - 7525 with e2100 and recently found a xeon e5440 for 20 euro. I installed the xeon and the board posted with unsupported cpu and shut down. Can someone help me out and inject the cpu microcode to the hp bios. The latest bios file can be found at Hp website. I really thank you for your time and support.
Post screenshots of first (CPU) & third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z with native CPU.
Tell sSpec of your new CPU.
Give me link to current BIOS.
Here bro...
Your case looks like this one.
The required code is found in awardext.rom module:
DED7    cmp   byte ptr [bp+451h], 5Ah
DEDC    jnz   DF11
DEDE    <Printing error string>
DF11    <Normal booting>
The patch to disable CPU whitelist:
DEDC    jmps  DF11
Try to flash my mod.
Thanx man, you are the one. I thank you alot pal. Everything is dandy. Thanks many times.
Nice news!
Add "[Solved]" to this topic's header by editing first post.
And please post new topic in Confirmed CPU Support Upgrades with attached BIOS mod.
Many thanks to DeathBringer
Mod working just fine for my MS7525 with E5450.
Works perfect, thank You You save too much time on my life
Hi, how can i flash your mod , i have the same mobo, but i dont know how to flash the mod in the bios
It's Award BIOS. Read this -
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