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Full Version: Acer Aspire 9500 - Insyde ACPI Bios 4.20.09 from 2005
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Hi, this is not a double post, as Im also in the "Insyde BIOS unlock request". Here I just wish for the Splashscreen to be changed. Smile

I stumbled across this tutorial by donovan 6000 :

Changing Splashscreen

But still, even Andys Tool says "no Insyde Bios".

The original downloadable BIOS v1.70 that I flashed back then looks like this :

[Image: 91glti.jpg]

Here is the link to the BIOS :

Acer Aspire 9500 (Modell DQ70).

Mainboard: Compal Stork (Chipset i915PM/GM, Southbridge 82801FBM (ICH6-M)

Pentium M 760 @ 2 GHz

Insyde Software MobilePRO Version 4.20.10, using the "Acer HQD70" Bios 1.60. (512kb)

Right after startup it additionally says "Insyde ACPI Bios 4.20.09" short before initialising the HDD and the CD-Rom.

I made a backup of the 1.60 using the "Universal BIOS Backup ToolKit 2.0" but couldnt open it either.

Its UUID is : 61373537326131356136000FB0F07732

Firmware 101.114
Bios Date: 12/29/2005
Bios Starting Segment : EB00h

I gave up and I really hope someone else found a way in the meantime, as I just digged out this laptop once again. Smile

And reply is welcome.

There is a tool (InsyDeco), a decompressor, from 2004 that lets you decompress Insyde BIOS .

Original Download link gone. See bottom of this post for the filesĀ 

And there is the "Advanced BIOS Logo Reader" :

[Image: 90ajqu.jpg]

The "Advanced BIOS Logo Reader" can still be downloaded here :

-=InsyDeco, version 0.1 (DOS32)=-

InsydeBIOS information:
Filelength : 80000 (524288 bytes)
Filename : v190.rom
BootBlock Table : 71E00
Modules: : 23
Released : 03 November 2000
| Instance (Name) Packed Len CRC Segment Offset |
[00] VGABIOS 9A17 F115 C0000000 10000h
[01] VGABIOS 1EC6 F909 00000000 19A2Bh
[02] TSBLOGO 0F71 DA25 63000000 1B910h
[03] DYNALOGO 09F1 6073 63000000 1C8A0h
[04] TSBDEV 09AE A202 66000000 1D2B0h
[05] BARG 01B9 97FF 68000000 1DC80h
[06] BARL 01AE 93AA 69000000 1DE50h
[07] DISPSEG 16AD 2A97 80000000 20000h
[08] IMAG001 240F 59CA 40000000 216D0h
[09] ISC02 025F 1EAE 90000000 23B00h
[10] ISC02P 024C 10C1 90000000 23D80h
[11] ESLOGO01 10FB A8F8 9E000000 23FE0h
[12] OSBLOGO 3D75 A762 50000000 250F0h
[13] OSBLOGO 006C 3CDA 00000000 28E80h
[14] USBCORE 1B86 15FF E0000000 28F00h
[15] ACPIROM 0A3B C068 E6000000 2AAA0h
[16] ACPIDSDT 25C2 D247 40000000 2B540h
[17] BIOS SCU 3C62 5A3E 30000100 2DB20h
[18] PM PM 8B12 6C39 A0001510 317A0h
[19] PM PM 10AD 7CB2 00000000 3A2F0h
[20] PCI BIOS 259B 5895 E7000000 3B3C0h
[21] PNP BIOS 370D 0491 E7004000 3D990h
[22] SYSBIOS A129 3F6C F0000000 410E0h
[23] SYSBIOS 2A74 AD30 00000000 4B260h
[24] CBBOOT 05AA 664F 7000F000 4DCF0h
[25] PXEBIOS 726B 28B6 D4000000 4E2B0h
[26] EXTOEM 10DA D254 E0004000 55530h

"InsyDeco" can be downloaded here :
(I could only unpack it with "Easy 7 Zip". "Winrar" and "7-Zip" failed!)


The "Advanced BIOS Logo Reader" can still be downloaded here :
(even with parts of the source code)

Also found the very 1st BIOS for it, v1.30 from 2005 :
Its not working with my Insyde BIOS, so good luck to everyone else from 2004.
I found similar BIOS files from other manufacturers and the ylook nearly exactly the same.

The ROM itself probably uses some LZMA/LZH LZ77 derivative and the decompression routine can be found
in one flashit.exe of a Fujitsu Amilo L7310W (r1.08), but has yet to be examined.

A Toshiba A105-S361 (v2.00) uses the same BIOS version, but it is not encrypted and can be editet with the desired tools.

Graphics are usually called IMAG001, BIGLOGO and/or OSBLOGO in these kind of BIOS files
and are 8-Bit RLE compressed PCX images that can be viewed and edited with Photoshop.
*desperate bump*

Still looking for a way to change the splashscreen.