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Full Version: [REQUEST] Lenovo G570 CPU Upgrade
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First of all, I would like to say - this is great site.

I had no need to mod my bios ever before but now I'm stuck with i5-2520m CPU and I bought i7-2670qm but my Lenovo G570 won't start with i7-2670qm. After turning on - fan works for 3-4 seconds, than stops and after 10 seconds power led turns off. It looks like it is checking installed cpu and stops after getting results (probably this cpu is not in whitelist or something like that).
Is there any way to update/modificate bios to read/accept this CPU.

Lenovo G570
Bios version: 40CN33WW(V2.19)
OS: Windows 10 x64

My bios is from official site, download link is:

I would like to donate/pay for solution of my problem.

Sorry for my bad english.

Quote:I posted this thread under wrong forum - hopefully I'm on right place now.

Link for previous thread on wrong place: (
1) remove AC jack, Main Battery, and CMOS Battery
2) remove HDD and all DIMMs
3) wait 10 mins
4) press and hold power button for 30 sec.
5) install new CPU
6) install CMOS Battery and one DIMM only
7) inject AC jack (without Main Battery!)
8) press power button
I tried that more than once, no luck.
Anything else to try?
You must check your i7-2670QM in other laptop. BIOS for G570 hasn't CPU's whitelist.
I have an old lenovo g570 with inel pentium b940 HM65 chipset.

Do i have any option for upgrading processor?
i5-2xx0M и i7-26x0M are recommended for laptops with HM65 chipset.
(05-09-2018, 10:02 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: [ -> ]i5-2xx0M и i7-26x0M are recommended for laptops with HM65 chipset.

Does it worth upgrading the processor because i am thinking to use an eGPU via EXP GDC.
And my bios has whitelist.
I use this this bios mod.
Can you check whether it removes WLAN whitelist.
No mod is needed. Use latest official BIOS.
Ask for mods with WLAN whitelist in these topics:
Can you check this mod whether it removes whitelist ther is no info.
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