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Full Version: Lenovo V580
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Hi everyone! It's really great that I've found your website. Smile
I have Lenovo V580c and I want to unlock sys fan speed limit in BIOS.
Every hardware utilities show that the fan works on 100%, but it very quiet. When I run benchmarks fan still be quiet and temperature of GPU increased, then GPU automatically slows down frequency to protect system.

Model: Lenovo V580c - 20160
Screenshots of my BIOS
Current BIOS Link

Alone I can not handle this problem, I need your help.
Use this tool run It as Admin and upload here the result fle :

let me know
BDMaster, thanks for your reply!
The results of the program was HERE
Here You go :

Let me know

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BDMaster, I am very grateful for your work!
I installed new BIOS, that you post here, but temperature of GPU just drops to a few degrees lower than it was previously and the problem described in my first post is repeated. Sad By the way it is called GPU throttling.
Can you tell, what speed of fan you have set in modified BIOS? I hear that the fan works little faster. Smile Is it possible to more increase the fan speed?
No more than this ! You can only dry the internal . . .
Hello, help unlock the BIOS to support Virtualization Technology (VT-x)
The processor supports this feature in the BIOS is not possible to include
Type BIOS - Phoenix EFI
version BIOS - H1ET73WW(1.16)
UEFI Boot - yes

i`m sorry, i`m from russia. I talk english so-so. Plz help, i need modify bios for my notebook Lenovo V580 (Lenovo 20147). Its need for overcloack my videocard GT640m (2gb) to core clock 1000mHz and memory clock 1100 Mhz.
backup my bios (frome fpt)