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Full Version: XW6400 x5355 support
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Hi, first post. I bought a cheapo server and I'm struggling to upgrade it. The upgrade options are quite limited, it appears that the motherboard only supports 50xx 53xx processors. I bought a matched pair of x5355's and I get a message saying - "processor power requirements too high" and it post post.

This seems like a software limitation more than anything else, is there any way I MOD the bios to accept the processors? not sure if the VRM's can handle a pair of 130W processors. The xeon upgrade options are limited the next pair of processors I can find are e5345's at a good price, but I'd rather get the x5355's working.

Please can anyone help me?
Tell sSpec of your Xeon X5355.
Make & post a photo of the screen with an error - "processor power requirements too high".
Can you boot with one X5355? Post screenshots of first (CPU) & third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z with it or native CPU.
Hello sorry the system is at my folks house I'll be popping over there later on in the week.

The processors are a pair of - X5355 QUAD CORE PROCESSOR 2.66GHZ/8M/1333 SL9YM

I've just seen a youtube video with the same probs as me, the fact it does boot up means it must be a software limitation.
OK. I see:
ERROR: A processor requiring too much power is installed.
System halted.