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Full Version: Microcode add to E8400 Request
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Hello, i would like to know has anyone created some bios so dell 745 can support 45nm. I have a E8400 CPU i would like to use, but it does not load up or work Sad . Is there any chance a bio mod exist so i can enable 45nm or at least make the e8400 work ? or am i just out of luck?

Post screenshots of first (CPU) & third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z with native CPU.
Wait, you want to see the e8400 cpu or my current e6600 specs?
if you meant e8400, brb
I need screenshots from your working system.
BTW: CPU-Z is the program.
You system is based on Q965 chipset. It supports 45-nm CPU but can't use FSB=1333Mhz.
I think when you try to boot with E8400, the system don't load BIOS even. Am I right?
Try to find any 45-nm CPU with FSB=800 or 1066Mhz. For simplicity, with stepping C0 (CPUID=0x10676).
Yup, it doesn't load up at all. No green light , just the orange light. Well looking at up my upgrade options, its either a e7600 or q6600. I had the quad before, so I'm not able to upgrade to a whole new rig, i will just buy a q6600. I was just curious was it possible to use the e8400 i have on my motherboard with a modded bios file if one existed. Would be nice if i could use it but the speed would downgrade from 1333 to 1066hmz, but as i mention it doesn't load up and i tested it with older bios from dell and the latest one, no luck.
Have you E7600 now?
What happens when you try to boot with it?
Can you borrow other suitable CPU from friends?
It's needed for creating mod only.
No, I'm using a e6600 on my dell 745, and i have a dell 780 with a e8400, but i can't use the 780 with my GTX card, the 780 has a mini 24 pin connector and the two PSU i have , well i bought one of those adapter things, but the one i bought from ebay was damaged, so i just went back using my 745 with my 550 ti and a e6600. But i also have a second e8400 which i bought by mistake lol, so i was curious could i use that in the dell 745, but sadly i can not.

My dell 745 with the e6600 and 550 ti is working great, i was just wondering was there any modded bios to make the e8400 work thats all. I plan to upgrade next month, most likely i am going to buy the e7600 and save some money for some thermal paste
Try BSEL Mod to change FSB for E8400 from 1333 to 1066 Mhz.
Read this article - Intel LGA775 Pad Modding.
You need change BSEL2 to Low. You may shortcut BSEL2 to BSEL1.
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