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Full Version: ProLiant ML150 G6 5600 support & low fan speed limit removal
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I was wondering if it's possible for the ProLiant ML150 G6 BIOS to have support for Xeon 5600-series CPUs to be added and the low fan speed-limit removed(as i'd like to run slightly lower RPM fans for quieter running). Do any of you have experience with ProLiant BIOSes? The ML150 G6 bios seems more similar to the older G5 server BIOSes than the other G6 models with the fancy bootup summaries. If any of you know this can/can't be done, that'd be great. Even if CPU support adding won't work, maybe a fan speed low limit removal can be done(or changed to, like, 400 instead of 1000 RPM). I'll try to provide a BIOS file if any of you know how to do that(i got the latest BIOS through a Service Pack for Proliant).

Thanks for your time.  Angel
This BIOS has digital signature and modifying BIOS can kill system.
Read HP ProLiant ML150 G6 server - CPU microcode update and hp proliant ml150 g6 l5630 topics.
Try to write to CavemanTech and noodleking. Together you can find the best solution. These are the CPU-Z screenshots. I have a spare motherboard, and i guess i can always give it a shot on that.
Usually just adding microcode don't add support for new series of CPU.