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Full Version: Want to change splashscreen Toshiba Tecra A11
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As the thread subject says it would be nice if someone could replace my splashscreen with the original toshiba one.

Is it your splash logo now??

If you want to return original Toshiba logo ,you just to flash offical version bios.
It didn't need to replace.
No, that is it not.
I cannot overwrite it via flash.
Is it your company's work pc??
Why logo is this??

I think it maybe has write lock with bios.
You need solve this problem at first ,or you can try to use other tool to dump current bios ,don't use offical flash utility.
It was. It is an older one, so we sorted it out and I got it from there.
How can I unlock the bios? Is there a way?
We had an external contractor for notebooks and they modified it. But the guy who has done it do not work for them anymore.