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Full Version: IBM ThinkCentre S51 8171, Bios for Pentium 4 670?
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I have IBM ThinkCentre S51 8171 what support pentium 4 cpu but they did update bios only for 650 and stop there, i did buy 670 and would wanna get it work for my computer, is this possible?

Computer is this:
Here is part list for 8171:

Last Bios Update download link is this:
And Bios Update readme file here:

Pentium 4 670 come two difference version, i have SL8PY if that matter.

Or can some hackerman tell if that bios support 670 chip? I just did order it from ebay and i cant test it yet.
If you system has support for Pentium 4 650 than it can boot Pentium 4 670 too.
Thanks for that reply!! I have been looking for information for this many places.

Thx thx and one more..thanks!