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Full Version: [REQUEST, of help maybe?] Xeon E5 1660 v1 support on Asus Rampage IV black edition
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Hello everyone, i'm a new entry here.
I'm posting in this thread because I think I may have an incompatibility in my motherboard, the Rampage IV black edition.
When I bought it i knew it was designed for ivy bridge processors, and in the support list Sandy bridge EP was not specified.
I tought that if it supported a i7 3960x (the consumer counterpart) or even a xeon e5 1660 v2, it would support also v1. Maybe it is not so simple.
I can get the board to boot with the processor at default settings, but if i even launch cinebench with all default bios settings i cannot get it truly stable. So i need to set a manual power limit and manual voltages. then it begins to be stable.

Other than this, the most annoying thing to me is the impossibility to pass the 43x multiplier, since my cpu is fully unlocked to multi 57x.
I explain better: I know i can go over 43x because i can get it to work to 47x using overclock software from asus, in windows enviroment. but i loose a lot of fine granular control because i cannot use my BIOS to get the board to the most efficent setup.
Over 43x the pc becomes a power hog, passing from 215w to 320w at 44x, same voltages, because of no control over power settings.

I tought that maybe with a cpu support update i can get the job done.

So i'm asking: is it possible to upgrade my rampage IV black bios with microcode for my 1660 first generation?

Can I ask someone for an upgrade, or should I get to work and modify it myself?

I would do this, I modified timings and base clocks in my GPUs, with hex editors and all that stuff, but right now i'm on the edge of my master's degree and i'm full of work for my thesis to get done. So is not easy for me.
I also need a stable workstation, because right now my workflow is really slowed down on my laptop.

Since the first thread of the forum asks to provide the default and the donor bios, here they are:

Bios 0801 RIVBE

Possible donor:

thanks in advance.