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Full Version: [REQUEST/HELP] Lenovo Z585 "Whitelist + GRUB" conflict
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Hello  Big Grin

I have a strange problem with my Lenovo Z585 and I hope you could assist me.

I flashed the whitelisted modded bios from this thread here and it worked really well with the new wifi card that I bought until I decided to install Linux in dual boot (UEFI).

The problem is that when GRUB is installed I cannot turn the "Wifi On" no matter what I do. I tried both Wifi cards (stock and new) and clean Windows and Linux installations. I thought the Mini PCIe had died when I noticed that the bluetooth of both cards were working perfectly. 

Then I reflashed the modded BIOS and the Wifi returned working again on Windows but GRUB was lost. When I booted a LiveCD of Ubuntu (Wifi working perfectly) and ran "boot-repair", to fix the dual boot, the Wifi stopped working again. 

I guess GRUB is messing with the BIOS configuration somehow. Can somebody help me?

EDIT: After I erased "ubuntu" from the boot config and reflashed the modded bios, the wifi is working again somehow. However it is just a temporary fix, I know that if I need to reinstall the OS or update grub it will break again.

I guess there is some kind of hidden menu that toggles the wifi and grub accidentally disables it. I know that sometimes the configuration tab hides some options but it never shows "Wlan" or "Wifi".