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Full Version: Lenovo Ideapad Y700-15ISK
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Hi all, new user here. Maybe not the correct place to ask this as I want to change the logo myself if someone can help me on my way. But if someone can do it for me, that's alright too.

I have been searching for days now on how to change the ugly Lenovo logo when starting up my Lenovo Ideapad Y700-15ISK.

Last weekend I didn't know anything about it and I learned a lot since, but now I am stuck. This is how far I 've gotten:

I downloaded the bios update from Lenovo: both cdcn35ww.exe (older version) and cdcn53ww.exe (latest version), both end up with the same problem.

In my BIOS I enabled the option to flash back to a previous version, so I don't get an error message in Windows 10 that I'm trying to go back to an older version or already have the version I 'm trying to install (after which the program ends).

Running the BIOS update I downloaded opens "Setup - Lenovo BIOS Update Utility" and extracts a file with the same name (cdcn53ww.exe) to C:\BIOS\CDCN53WW\

Running this file opens "Insyde H2OFFT v5.56" and extracts the following files to C:\USERS\ThC_be\AppData\Local\Temp\7zs900E.tmp\:

Happy to see the fd file I try to open it in EzH2O thinking I 'll be able to change the Logo/Splash Screen only to get the following error message: "Program can't find fv information in FD file".

Anybody have an idea on what I can do now? Thanks in advance.
Insyde H2OEZE you can edit bios logo