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Full Version: Abit IP35-e + Xeon e5440
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I got Abit IP35 Dark Rider, it comes with the same BIOS version as IP35-E. But AHCI can be accessed through BIOS there.

I got C2D E7200 installed there and everything was OK. But now there is Xeon E5430 and its somewhat unstable. There is an issue that i cannot install x64 system like W7 or W8, but when I try x86 everything is OK. Simply after booting after clean install (W7) or loading before install (W8) it loops and restart, again and again. Even x64 Ubuntu cannot load on liveDVD!!!

The latest modded BIOS v. 18 was also flashed. In the attachement another older version 17 of the BIOS modded by this guy: But he also think it is because of BIOS and he dont know how to fix it.

There was no issue when E7200 was there in the same configuration (mobo, RAM). Virtualization is enabled, but seemes to be problem here....

I would please need a bios update with Xeon Microcode if possible so my Abit IP35-e work with Xeon e5440.
Any help will be highly appreciate.

Here is the link to original bios. :
Try to flash this BIOS mod,
(03-16-2017, 10:56 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: [ -> ]Try to flash this BIOS mod,

would this also work for xeon x5460? (Ip35-e) p35 chipset. award bios v 18
Should work.
I'm sorry, this is version 18, not 11. The bios has some updates in it for supporting voltage changes in DDR memory.
I added the microcodes myself, and WOW there were some good revisions since 2008 (when abit stopped updating bios). Computer actually got faster, and that's before I get the xeon 5460.

intel core 2 duo e6750.

I wonder what other things need to be manually updated in bios for my motherboard?