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Full Version: z620 nvme boot
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Has anyone found a way to make a samsung 1tb 960 nvme show up in bios as a boot drive on an HP z620 with 3.91 bios?

I've loaded windows on the drive without issue using a uefi boot, but can't figure out how to make it a boot drive. 

I have an HP z620 as well (same bios version) and have been trying to setup up a 960 EVO as a boot drive with no success. I have gotten Windows 7 to recognize the drive, both within my installation and when trying to perform a fresh install, but I receive and error when trying to install windows onto the 960 (computer's hardware may not be compatible).

I did some digging and found a couple of general posts that claim a work around, but I have yet to try either of them.

In regards to your boot drive and assuming you are trying to install Windows 7, did you include the NVME drivers? I found that necessary in order for Windows to see the 960.