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Full Version: MSI P31 Neo (MS-7392) and/or Foxconn 945G7MA-8KS2H + Xeon L5420
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Hello! I bought a modded L5420 (from s771 to 775 via sticker) and I need a BIOS that can support it. I have 2 s775 motherboards, if there is a BIOS for both of them, that would be great:

Foxconn 945G7MA-8KS2H

MSI P31 Neo (MS-7392)

Intel Xeon L5420

Thank you!

Note: This is my first post here, please excuse me if I missed something or did it wrong, let me know what it is and I will correct it as fast as I can.
First motherboard doesn't support L5420.
For second - you can try BIOS mod by genius239 or BIOS mod by IdeaFix.
Thanks, but when I tried to flash the BIOS of the MSI it doesn't seem to work, I get stuck at this screen. I am using a Win98 boot USB that I followed a guide to make, do I have to use CD or a Floppy disk or the command I am using is wrong? I screenshotted the command to backup the old BIOS, but the same happens when I try the flash command "afud4310 a7392ims.160" the cursor just blinks non-stop and I can't press anything, have to restart the PC to exit.
Try Rufus to make bootable USB stick with native DOS.
That solved the problem, thank you!