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Full Version: [Solved]:Toshiba c660-11x and intel T7300
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Hello everyone.
I am new to the forum and I am really happy to be here.

I am facing a problem with my Toshiba c660-11x  (short model no. PSC0LE) and I was wondering if someone could provide some help.
I have recently upgraded my CPU from a Pentium T4500 to an Intel T7500. The laptop boots up correctly but unfortunately I am getting an error message during POST that reads:
02F0: CPU ID: FB No Microcode Update Loaded for Alternate Processor

Press <F1> to resume, <F2> to Setup

I updated to the latest bios (v170) from the toshiba site but no luck.

If someone is know how to help me thanks Smile
Try to flash my mod.
Just unzip it and run go.bat
@DeathBringer Thanks man work like a charm no errors Smile Thanks ... only one question this mod support T9500 ?
Good news!
Attach modded BIOS to this topic. And add [Solved] to begin of title of this topic by editing first post.
Native BIOS supports T9500. Any mod isn't needed.
Modded Bios 1.7 for Toshiba C660-11x work perfect
Big thanks to
Very fast modded
I attached modded BIOS
(03-31-2017, 10:43 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: [ -> ]Try to flash my mod.
Just unzip it and run go.bat

Thanks a bunch ! Works like a charm ! The only, had to install Winphlash seperately and edit settings ini in order to enable update ROM (same or newer ROM version limitation) Now I have +20% CPU power, but most importatntly, I can remotely reboot and continue work remotely, without nasty F1 pressing on keyboard in person Smile
Thanks very much! This mod worked perfectly on my C660-15R and I now have a T7500 running well