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Full Version: [REQUEST] Lenovo ThinkPad E325 BIOS Unlock
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bios version: 1.15
bios id: 8SET33WW

can you please unlock hidden menu on this bios? i am mainly interested in being able to change the DDR3 speed from 1066Mhz to 1333Mhz.

thank you.
Hello everyone, I want to have my BIOS unlocked and whitelist removed (if possible) on my ThinkPad Laptop E325. So I could overclock CPU&RAM in the advanced menu.
ThinkPad Edge E320 and E325 are in the same series, the difference is: E320 use Intel processors, and E325 use AMD E-350/450 processors. My laptop use AMD E-450 processor.

I'm sorry for my poor English and I hope you can understand my description, I'm an Asian student.

-Motherboard Manufacturer and Model : ThinkPad Edge E325 Serial Number LR3AG41
-Bios Version: V1.16 8SET34WW ,download at
-Bios Type : Phoenix UEFI BIOS

This is my bios image backuped by Universal Bios Backup:


I'm new in Bios-mods. Where can I get / download already modified Bios for Lenovo E325?

Please let me know
Thank you