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Full Version: [Solved] Update microcode i7 2630qm to enable AES for Asus K53SJ
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I replaceded cpu on my notebook from i5-2410m to i7-2630qm. 
But there are no AES instructions, i hope it can be solved.
Please look at it by your expirienced eyes and say if it is possible and how to do it.

Screenshots are in attachment, latest bios(315) too.

PS. There were bios update for Asus K53SV (pretty similar model) with version 320 with updated microcodes, if it can help.
Go to BIOS and do Load Defaults.
(04-09-2017, 04:32 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: [ -> ]Go to BIOS and do Load Defaults.

Thanks, but it did not help, but device manager found ~ "Inter Thermal .. 1C24")

There is K53SV microcodes list in attachment.
I have updated microcode in bios and flashed from Windows(Easy flash says "Bios too old"), AES is working now...

There are attachment with bios (316.rom) and flash utility.

PS. When i first time added microcode update to the end - it did not work, sequence has sense :-)